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Where Style
Meets Durability

Discover the perfect fusion of artisanal beauty and robust design. With Furrybeads, experience a collar that’s as reliable in its strength as it is remarkable in its style.

Fresh Off the Leash

Our latest collar designs are here to make a statement! Explore the collection and find the perfect blend of durability, style, and fun for your four-legged fashionista.​

Perfect Fit, Perfect Style

Ensuring your furry friend's comfort and style starts with the perfect fit. Make sure you fist dive into our detailed sizing instructions to find the ideal fit for your dog, precision is key. Let's make every collar comfortably stylish!

Best in Show

Why blend in when your dog was born to stand out? Snap up our best-selling designs and let your furry friend lead the pack in style.

Handmade in Vancouver, Canada


Durable Design That Lasts a Lifetime


Wooden Beads that are Stink-Proof & Waterproof

The Original Bead
Dog Collar Company


Coming Soon
Craft Your Pup’s Signature Style with Custom Collars!

Get ready to unleash your creativity! Our new custom collar design feature is on its way, offering you the chance to create a one-of-a-kind collar that’s as unique as your furry friend. Stay tuned—it’s more than a collar, it’s a statement.

"Amazing quality and unique collar! A lot of care goes into the making of these pieces of wearable art! Your dog will love it!"


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